Hi, I'm Daniel!

Science Rules!

Project writeups:

A little essay on standardization in science
A few notes on deconvolution of XAFS spectra
Musings on an inexpensive 1500 C furnace
Repairing a CNC servo drive
My name is Daniel Correia; I currently live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
ORCID iD iconhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-9353-0216

I love it when people contact me!
My personal email is , and my work address is .

(if you're behind a firewall that blocks GMail, I have a proxy to my personal email at )

I've also got a little forum: forum.0xdbfb7.com; feel free to open a new topic there!

It can sometimes be a waste when two groups work on the same thing in the same way! (unless it's replication work, in which case it's awesome!)

On the other hand, you can overdo it, publishing breathless posts prior to any rigor. I'll try to keep a few taglines here with what I'm working on recently. I probably don't know all that much about the topics discussed, but if you're also working on any of these things, we can compare notes!

Current projects, updated 2021-05-18:
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    Can shaped nanosecond pulses induce electroporation in viral membranes? (started Feb. 2021)

    Do the results of Yang et al 2009, 2014 on the electropermeabilization of viruses represent a genuinely useful effect? (started March 2020, ended Feb. 2021)

    Can ion beam lithography be scaled up to produce macro-scale 3d printed parts? (started 2017, on standby March 2020)

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